BREEAM Seasonal Testing

Seasons to be cheerful

Following its introduction in 1990 and the subsequent widespread use of BREEAM assessment methodology in the UK construction industry, the need for seasonal building testing has increased at a similar pace. Setting the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation, BREEAM is a comprehensive measure of a building’s performance. BREEAM assessments use recognised measures of performance – set against established benchmarks – to evaluate everything from a building’s design and construction through to its everyday use. These measures cover a broad range of categories and criteria, including energy and water use, the building’s internal environment (health and wellbeing), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes. 

The All Counties Commissioning seasonal testing process With All Counties Commissioning as your seasonal BREEAM testing partner you’ll have onboard expertise that ensures compliance to BREEAM MAN1 (sustainable procurement – aftercare), which accounts for one credit.

Our bespoke service checks the operation of your building’s central plant and tests its ability to control the environment via a one-week-long test each season. All tests are totally non-intrusive, which means that there is absolutely no disruption whatsoever to the day-to-day operation of your building.


  • Work in partnership with a dedicated seasonal testing engineer with vast experience in this complex field 
  • Our industry qualified engineers have expertise in building services, and so are able to understand and interpret test results into the practical needs of your building and associated plant 
  • Any environmental concerns identified by building managers, FM teams or users are addressed informally, allowing our dedicated seasonal testing engineers to focus on specific areas and ultimately provide you with objective guidance and recommendations that improve your building’s operation 
  • Where practical, our engineers will investigate instances of performance shortfalls (as shown up by the test results) in a non-intrusive manner, meaning issues can often be resolved without costly, disruptive work. 
  • All detailed reports provide a comprehensive assessment of the environmental conditions and plant, meaning issues can be identified and resolved most effectively

To find out more about our seasonal testing process, or to receive a copy of a sample report contact us today