Commissioning –The advancement of an installation from the state of static completion to full working order to specified requirements.

ACC HVAC Commissioning and Testing.jpg

Commissioning is possibly the most important activity in the construction process which enables the Mechanical and Electrical Services installation to achieve the environmental conditions desired by both the designer and end-user. The purpose of Commissioning is to ensure the completed installation is inspected, ‘set to work’, tested, adjusted and regulated, ensuring that when handed over to the client, the operational services of the building are successfully working in accordance with the correct design specification. It will also demonstrate that the installed equipment complies with the design intent, as outlined in the design specification. From a programming point of view, commissioning and balancing activities have to be carried out in a strict sequence with little variance to allow a seamless handover.

Our highly-skilled and experienced engineers will ensure all commissioning works are carried out in accordance with the CIBSE and BSRIA Commissioning Codes together with the CSA Guidelines and British Standards as applicable and all instrumentation is regularly tested and calibrated to national standards.

Systems typically commissioned include the following:

  • Constant volume and variable volume air systems
  • Air displacement systems
  • Air induction systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Carrier Moduline/ Modubox VAV systems including refurbishment
  • LTHW and Chilled water systems including constant volume and variable volume systems
  • Specialised ventilation systems for healthcare premises in accordance with relevant HTM’s